I hear from a lot of women who say things like, “I’d really like this experience, but I just can’t afford it right now” or, “I’ll have to save up for this.” Even worse is when I hear from women who intended to save some money by hiring someone on Craigslist and had a bad experience. Or, they had a friend take their photos and after wasting their time, effort, and money, were disappointed with the outcome. Nothing is worse than getting all geared up to have what one THINKS will be beautiful and tastefully executed boudoir photos done only to be unhappy with their images. A boudoir session is meant to elevate confidence, not deflate it.

When I was building my collection structure and pricing, I knew I had to charge a certain amount to remain in business.  With my overhead costs, I simply wasn’t going to make it if I kept my pricing too low.  And I LOVE what I do- I definitely wanted to keep doing it! What I also knew was that I wanted to bring this powerful work to as many women as I could.  I truly believe EVERY woman should experience a boudoir session and be able to own a professional collection of art, celebrating herself.

So, I decided to make my boudoir photography accessible to all women by offering flexible PAYMENT PLANS.

Many people already know that I offer in-studio payment plans on all my collections.  While the session fee is required at the time of booking, the ENTIRE photo collection can be paid off over time, with just 20% down payment.  These convenient plans extend for up to 9 months and are HUGELY popular with my clients! In fact, 60% of my clients choose to sign up for a payment plan.

What I want to share with you now though, is a BRAND NEW way to pay off your boudoir collection.  I recently discovered the beauty of Paypal credit! When someone is approved for Paypal credit for the balance of their order, they have the luxury of making payments to Paypal for however long they need (rather than a maximum of 9 months).  The best perk of using Paypal credit though is that my clients can receive their beautiful photo products immediately! There is NO waiting period with Paypal credit like there is with my in-studio payment plan option. It’s basically having your cake and eating it too.

So, if you’re considering a boudoir session with yours truly and know that you’ll need to get on a payment plan, I highly encourage you to visit Paypal credit and apply ahead of time.  (P.S. Paypal credit is interest free for 6 months!)

Questions about how it all works or ready to invest in YOU? Contact me here or simply reply to this email.



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